Amazing Result of Graphic Designing

One of the blessings bestowed by a computer is GRAPHIC DESIGNING! looking at a graphic designing, there are so amazing things that can be done by a computer which the human hand can not do. Perhaps can do but the more amazing is that computerized product are more beautiful than manual made.

Compare  a graphic designed picture and an amazing work of a craftman’s hand. Which is more beautiful, is it not the work of  graphic artist? But which is more valued? The answer depends on the mindset of the viewers.

Graphic designers can picture an amazing image using a graphic tool. Graphic designing can not be done without the amazing tools of graphic designing. There are so many things that can be done easily in the computer. What is easier to do, hand-made painting or a graphic made? People would say that a hand made one because it is done by real hands which proves that an artist is talented.

However, if you are designing through a graphic tool, every tool is made. You can do and redo, erase and restore which you can not  do when you are using your hand in drawing.Graphic designing is very amazing because you can perfectly do it. The result is amazing. You can also do 3D image which is very fascinating and enjoyable work of a graphic designer. 3D is very famous work of an art but results to a nice product of imagination with motion and effects, which can not be done by human hands.